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iKeyMonitor Review

iKeyMonitor is a special kind of software that was designed for monitoring electronic devices such as phones,tablets,windows and Mac. It is a breakthrough on the market of spyware. It is easy to use and affordable. iKeymonitor has a great range of functions including the exclusive features. Besides tracking calls, messages, GPS location and online activities on social media, this keylogger enables you to block inappropriate content and apps, the screen time limit, etc.

The app was created for parents who take care of their children. As well as employers and business owners who worry about the confidentiality of their company’s information. IKeyMonitor is compatible with all Android devices (cell phones as well as different tablets) and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods) and Windows (7/8/10/xp/vista) and Mac. iKeyMonitor is considered to be the best keylogger for Android.

Many problems can be solved. And many doubts can be dispelled with the help of such keyloggers. Are worrying where is your child now? Or your spouse or significant other is overly secretive with his phone? Confidential information about your company had leaked to your competitors. And you suspect your employees? Find answers to all of your questions with the help of the following iKeyMonitor review.

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iKeyMonitor Introduction

The reasons for using iKeyMonitor are diverse. With iKeyMonitor, you can ensure that your kids are using online functions responsibly and are not getting into trouble. You can also use this to see what people at work are doing and that they are not abusing their phone or tablet privileges while on the job.

Is iKeyMonitor Legit?

iKeyMonitor is a legitimate service that is easy to utilize. iKeyMonitor has been available to the public since 2012. The program works on iOS and Android devices alike.

It has also been tested on rooted and non-rooted Android devices plus jailbroken and non-broken iOS units. The design that iKeyMonitor works with ensures that people can get more out of their plans for using the program regardless of the devices they wish to install it on.

Is iKeyMonitor Detectable?

iKeyMonitor can be installed on any device and will run in the background without anyone noticing what is happening with it. The program can be loaded up and activated onto a phone. After that, the shortcuts or icons to the program will be deleted. You will then have full access to the data on a mobile device that you have installed iKeyMonitor on.

You would have to get permission to an Android device that you want to install it onto. For iOS monitoring, you do not need to install the app onto a target device. You would need an iCloud ID and password to reach a device. The iCloud feature must be enabled for this to work.

iKeyMonitor Features

This central feature lets you record every keystroke entered on the targeted device, including the ability to retrieve passwords - even ones with hidden characters. You can also view pasted texts with the iKeyMonitor keylogger. Other keylogger features include the recording of time and date stamp info regarding keystrokes made, as well as logging the app used. Being able to retrieve passwords is a powerful monitoring function, indeed!

SMS Tracking

With iKeyMonitor, you’ll have access to all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, along with the times, dates and phone numbers. Often, a person’s SMS history can reveal key information regarding their private lives.

Web Activity

If you have concerns that a child or employee is accessing the wrong types of websites, or that they simply may be spending too much time online, this feature may prove to be very useful. iKeyMonitor records the URLs, along with time and date info, of any website visited through Safari.

WhatsApp Message Recording

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, especially among young people. iKeyMonitor lets you view the contents of WhatsApp messages along with contact info, time and date stamps.

Chat Monitor

iKeyMonitor allows the user to monitor all chat messages typed into the targeted device. View chat messages sent (along with time, date and contact info) from the device through Facebook Messenger, Skype and more than a dozen other chat platforms.

Social Network Monitoring

Lets the user view social network activity on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, including chat messages and posts along with the dates and times each site was visited.

Email Monitoring

The iKeyMonitor keylogger allows you to monitor emails typed and sent on the targeted device. You’ll also have access to the recipient’s address if it is typed in manually. Also records time and date stamp info.


Another powerful feature offered by iKeyMonitor. Automatically capture screenshots from the targeted device at intervals designated by you. Record and see exactly what is occurring on the screen as often as you like.

Logs Via Email or FTP

A unique advanced feature that automatically sends log updates via email or through an Choose a time interval for updates and access logs from any device with an Internet connection. The FTP delivery feature allows you to upload large amounts of screenshots and offers several customizable options, such as the ability to choose a WiFi-only upload.

Remote Access

Gives you the ability to access iKeyMonitor from a remote device, so that you can view logs, change settings and access the iKeyMonitor Live Screen for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. You can also remotely turn off iKeyMonitor.


In terms of stealth, iKeyMonitor is one of the best apps around. It is virtually undetectable and gives no indication that it is in use.


iKeyMonitor superbly comes whith support for multiple languages(11) and even more are supported in SMS and keystroke monitoring. An good monitoring program should be specially designed to increase productivity without compromising usability.

Is It Possible To Monitor Someone’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

And the answer is yes! IKeyMonitor works in the stealth mode. It means that this keylogger is completely invisible. There are apps that the owner can easily detect on the target phone. But not IKeyMonitor. The user of the target device wouldn’t detect the keylogger unless he is a hacker. Or he is aware of what exactly he should look for. After installation, the application hides from the Desktop, the Start Menu and even from the Control Panel-Programs. IKeyMonitor stays invisible even after the license period is over.

Key Benefits of iKeyMonitor
For Parents

iKeyMonitor is one of the best parental control software for iPhone,iPad and iPod. If you are worried about legit and current issues like cyber bullying,pornography,sexting or identity theft,installing this app is something you may want to consider.Installing such a software is not about not trusting your children enough but it's about protecting them from real online dangers that they may not likely recognized as something the could potentially hurt them.

For Employers

iKeyMonitor is also one of the best employee monitoring software. One of the current issues employers are facing in this digital age is the many distractions employees have easy access to like social media,games and worst inappropriate websites.Although some see companies and employees view this as unethical and invasion of privacy,there have been ample studies that implementing employee monitoring policy actually increased productivity and motivation to do better.Watching for mistakes and seeing room for improvement,the employer can not only help the company cut on costly errors but helps the employee improve through guidance.

How to Install and Setup iKeyMonitor?

This spying software works on both Android and iOS devices. The process of installation on jail broken devices and the non-jail broken device is somewhat different.

  • The first step requires you to sign up on their official website ( and create your user account. The process is free and you can take advantage of the free trial option.
  • Once you create your user account click on the download link to start the download of iKeyMonitor APK.
  • Go to the download file destination and install the application. Follow the prompts given and activate the discretion option for anonymity.
  • The application will require you to key in your user information to activate the application on the target device.
  • Go to your dashboard and wait for about half an hour or less to synchronize the device information and start receiving data from the target device.
  • This process applies to non jail broken Android and iOS devices (iPhone & iPad).

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